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 Certified with LashboxLA, Borboleta and Exotic Eyelashes. Silk and faux mink eyelash extensions that are customized to fit your natural eyelashes, or try a lash lift to bring curl and definition to your natural lashes.
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Eyelash Extensions

Every eyelash extension experience is completely customizable. The extensions range from 7mm to 15mm, with different thickness’ and curls. After a consultation we’ll decide what option is best for you!


Eyelash Extensions Pricing

ServicePriceApproximate Time
Classic Full Set$1502 hours
Classic Touch Up$3545 minutes
Classic Fill (2 weeks)$501 hour
Extended Classic Fill (3-4 weeks)$801 hour 30 minutes
Removal$3030 minutes

Before Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

  • Avoid using waterproof mascara 2-3 days before.
  • Don’t use any mascara the day of your full set appointment.
  • Avoid drinking caffeine.
  • Arrive to your appointment with clean and dry eyelashes.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

  • For the first 24 hours, avoid high heat, such: saunas, steam, tanning, or hot yoga.
  • Wash and brush your lashes daily! Lash-safe cleanser is available at the salon
  • Be gentle with your eyelashes. No pulling extensions or excessively rubbing your eyes!
  • Only use oil-free products around your eyes and lashes.
  • Avoid mascara.
  • Sleep on your back/ avoid sleeping with your face on your pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lash Extensions

Lash Lifts

A lash lift is a new generation lash perm. I use CurlPerfect Lash Lift products by Sugarlash Pro. It is a low maintenance procedure and a great alternative for those who want an enhanced look but don’t want the upkeep or cost of eyelash extensions. Lash lift provides curl to your natural lash that last for 6-8 weeks and can be paired with a tint  (coloring of the lashes) for an even more dramatic result!

Lash Lift


Lash Lift$601 hour
Lash Lift + Tint$801 hour 15 minutes

Before Your Lash Lift Appointment

  • Arrive to your appointment with clean and dry eyelashes.

Lash Lift Aftercare

  • For the first 24 hours, do not get eyelashes wet.
  • You may condition lashes with a lash conditioner or coconut oil.
  • Be gentle when removing mascara.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lash Lifts

Can I use mascara after a lash lift?
Yes! After the 24 hour period following your lash lift appointment, you can wear mascara, and any of your other daily eye makeup.
What should I expect during my lash lift appointment?
Getting a lash lift is relaxing and pain free! After cleansing your lashes, i’ll place under eye pads over your lower lashes, and have you close your eyes. Then, i’ll place a curved silicone shield over your eyelid and continue the steps of the lash lift process with your eyes closed until the very end.
Is a lash lift beneficial even if I have blonde lashes?
Yes. The lash lift will still create a nice curl that will stand out with your normal mascara, or another option is to pair a tint with the lash lift for even more dramatic results.
What is a tint?
A tint is a semi permanent vegetable dye used for the eyelashes and eyebrows that gradually fades out over a span of 3-4 weeks. Tinting the lashes makes the lash lift stand out even more for clients who have lighter eyelashes.
Can anyone do a lash lift?
Unfortunately a lash lift cannot be performed on anyone who:

  • Has lashes shorter than 9mm
  • Has an eye infection
  • Is pregnant or nursing

Jessica Gillette

Tacoma Esthetician

Jessica Gillette is a licensed esthetician, working in the esthetics industry since 2012, offering a variety of services including: skincare, waxing, microblading, lashes and sugaring.


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